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CPA/PAC, the Society's political action committee, is an important part of OSCPA's successful legislative track record.

Without members' financial support, CPA/PAC will be unable to continue the stellar track record it has achieved in the past. PACs are nothing more than a group of individuals who decide to pool their financial resources and help elect supportive candidates to public office. PACs are a fact of life in the political process. CPA/PAC gives you the opportunities to ensure that your profession's best interests are represented.

I pay my dues. Isn't that enough?

Federal and State election laws prohibit the use of member dues for political contributions. Funds for political contributions must be raised separately from Society funds. Contributions from S corporations and C corporations are not permitted by Ohio law.

Who decides which candidate to support?

Your fellow sbf111胜博发 who serve on Ohio CPA/PAC's Board of Trustees. These trustees, from cities across the state, are responsible for establishing policy and determining how CPA/PAC will distribute contributions. Recipients are selected on their voting record, stance on issues of importance to the accounting profession, legislative committee assignments, working relationship with OSCPA, position within legislature, financial need, and ability to be elected.

If you have more questions about CPA/PAC, send an email to the government relations department.

Support the Ohio CPA/PAC

How can you be sure your voice is heard? How can you ensure that your interests are represented before Ohio's General Assembly and executive leadership? By supporting OSCPA and its PAC!

*Contributions to the Ohio CPA/PAC are not tax-deductible.



Annual Report

CLICK HERE to access the 2023 Annual Report.
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Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who supported the Ohio CPA/PAC in 2022.

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CPA/PAC Mailing Address

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